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Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see important information regarding the reopening of school as of wb 4.1.2021 - click here to download an update letter sent by Matthew Bloodworth-Flatt (Headteacher). 

Please click here to provide consent for your child to particiapte in testing. 

Please click here to provide necessary registration information for you child so they can particpate in testing. (This only needs completing if you have given consent for your child to be tested.) 

Please click here for additional information of how the test in conducted. 

Please click here for The Priory School – COVID-19 Testing Privacy Statement

Please click here to watch a step by step video of the testing process within school. 

Please click here for examples social stories which will be used to support testing. 




Please find more general COVID-19 Information below...

The information presented will provide you with all necessary information relevant to COVID-19 and how the school is supporting pupils. 

How has our school changed?

The school continues to adapt its approach and system in line with government guidance to ensure we are providing pupils with the best educational opportunities whilst also ensuring we do our utmost to keep everyone safe. Learners are working within 'bubbles'. Currently our year groups form one bubble. Each bubble has two teachers and a number of teaching assistants and higher-level teaching assistants to support learning. Pupils learn within their allocated area of the school. In general, each class has two teaching classrooms and a number of 'break out' spaces which are used to support learners with their individualised needs. In some ways the school day may feel different to pupils but we are pleased to inform you that all pupils have adapted to and are responding well to the new expectations in place. 

For your information you may wish to review the Welcome Back to School handbook sent at the start of the academic year - download here

Does my child need a face covering?

We strongly recommend that all learners wear a face covering when they access their transport to and from school. At this time pupils are not transported within the class bubble and therefore form a transport bubble. By wearing a face covering there is added protection as they travel. Pupils will also need a face covering from time to time in school; at times your child may travel around school to access certain rooms and when they are travelling around school we will ask pupils to wear a face covering. 

What happens if there is a school closure

Should there be an unplanned closure, parents will be contacted by text message, email and through the website; in more urgent circumstances parents and carers will be called by the school. When there is a closure in place, we invite pupils to continue their learning within the home. The school has a continuity of learning plan in place and learning activities will be provided to all learners. During a closure period you should continue to check the Continuity of Learning tab on the website. 

Will the progress my child makes this year be affected

We understand that at times learning in school may be disrupted. Inevitably there will be unplanned closures and the need for learners to isolate as they or a family member is symptomatic. The Priory School has a COVID-19 Accelerated Learning Strategy in place to ensure all learners are given every opportunity to make exceptional levels of progress. Please feel free with review this strategy to see how we will provide learners with additional support - download here