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Why Choose A School Meal For Your Child?

School meals at The Garth School are really good; don’t just take my word for it ask your children. We source produce from local suppliers and only select high quality food, which is then prepared fresh in our kitchens by our catering team. There is a wide variety of choice, with salad and vegetarian options available every day. What we have found is that children enjoy eating healthy, well balanced, nutritional food. The puddings are great too!

“Fresh and Fantastic” – new menu launched in school!

Helen Swanson joined the kitchen team for The Priory and Garth Schools in November 2018.  She came to us from her previous role as a lecturer for 16 years at Peterborough Regional College training their Hospitality and Catering students.  During the past 5 months, Helen and the fantastic catering team in The Priory Kitchen have introduced many exciting and healthy options for pupils and staff alike.

Catering Team 2019

“The delightful smell of home-made bread now wafts through the school building each day.  Pupils are enjoying, and experimenting with new dishes such as Mushroom and Butter Bean Fricassee, Herby Quorn Pasta, Savoury Root Vegetable Crumble and Pork Goulash!

In addition to the new and varied menu plan, Helen has created an interesting salad bar, which now includes a variety of salad and vegetable items, pulses and grains.  Helen is adept at “sneaking” veg into meals and recipes to ensure pupils are getting their five a day!”

Helen Swanson, Head Cook, said, “With the children’s needs in mind we have purposefully changed the menu gradually.  We kept some original recipes, tweaking them slightly, and all dishes are now created each day using fresh ingredients.  We have added an exciting new salad bar, and freshly made sauces and pastries.  The pastries are going down well with the pupils, as is the fresh bread.  The pupils and staff have been really enjoying the basil wheels and feta and tomato breads too!”

With general food allergies on the rise, Helen is keen to introduce a Gluten Free range to the menu, having already had success with her Gluten Free Banana Loaf, which is proving a favourite with everyone!

Helen added, “The pupils have been quite forthcoming with feedback about the new menu so we thought it would be a nice idea to send some recipes home to cook themselves.”

Watch out for more news about this coming soon!


Please click on the link(s) below for our most recent menu:

Our latest menu: 27 September/ 4 October / 11 October

Allergens / Pasta dishes / Puddings & Desserts / Meat dishes

The price of a school meal is £2.50 given the quality and choice available this offers exceptional value. Pupils can choose to have school meals every day or select meals on a daily basis, provided that they let their tutor know the day before.

All we ask is that payment is made in advance or as soon after. Being a small school, dinner money arrears have a big impact.

Free School Meals

To register for Free School Meals please follow the link provided below:
Free School Meals 

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals you could save approximately £400 per child per year. This is the average amount being spent on packed lunches.
Our school will also benefit as we receive a Pupil Premium of £935 per pupil taking Free School Meals.  This will also benefit your child as, for example, the funds provide extra teaching support and contributions towards school trips.

Universal Infant Free School Meals

Please follow the link provided below for more information:

Universal Infant Free School Meals