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06/06/2021   PRIORY Secondary Middle Options

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Next year your child will complete two options as part of their non-core learning. We currently offer the following subjects – Horticulture, Art, Drama and Theatre Studies, Food Technology and Physical Education. Using the attached Microsoft Form could you please order the subjects starting with the one they would most like to study. Please note that we will try to ensure all pupils receive their first choice. Second choices will be allocated on availability.

If this form could be completed by Sunday 6th June. 

Please note pupils will have weekly PE lessons. The Physical Education option is for those pupils who have a particular interest in the subject and wish to further deepen their learning and understanding in this area.

Below is further information about each subject area. 

Drama and Theatre Studies

Are you interested in performance, producing drama or theatre? Drama and Theatre is for students seeking the opportunity to study all aspects of the stage: acting, directing, set design, costume design, lighting. 

Drama offers a challenging and very exciting opportunity for you to explore a practical art form. You will create, perform and respond to drama, and become confident at selecting the most effective means of expression. Learning covers improvisation and scripted performances and provides you with the opportunities to learn about stage lighting, sound, costume and design. You will study a variety of plays and dramas as well as live theatre production and you will enjoy developing your skills and knowledge through study and performance. Drama is an exciting, creative and challenging subject which encourages you to develop as an independent learner.


Horticulture has a massive part to play in the future for our planet and the living things on it. From the food we eat, the sports we play, caring for the conservation of our environment, and the creation of beautiful spaces for our own human and health and wellbeing. There are lots of opportunities to experience in a sensory way the variety that exists within a garden at all times of the year, as with season, weather, plants, soils, fragrance, touch, colour, sound, and taste. You will study the fundamentals of plant identification, plant health and protection, controlling pests, diseases, disorders and weeds. You could also study topics such as how to construct landscape features, horticultural production techniques or maintaining turf. You will learn how to work safely and prepare and operate a range of garden equipment. As a school we have good working links with Springfield’s and the local community and Horticulture offers plenty of opportunities to take part in creative projects. If being outside and working with plants is of interest to you then this course fits the bill.


Art will develop your knowledge and skills. The subject is a chance to express your creativity and imagination and develop your independence. You will be given the opportunity to work in both 2D and 3D and have many opportunities to draw and paint, work with modelling materials such as plaster, scrap materials and wire sculptures as well as printmaking facilities, textiles and ceramics. Projects throughout the course will include visits to museums, galleries or other places of interest. The subject is practical based; however, students are expected to record ideas and observations in both visual and written form. The traditional language of art and design: line, tone, form, texture and colour will be explored, and the use of sketchbooks forms an important part. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas, producing many different outcomes. Art and Design will help you to learn about the visual world, acquire the ability to investigate, observe, analyse, experiment and problem-solve. You will also learn how to express your ideas visually and develop your imaginative powers.

Food Technology

Food technology is an exciting and creative subject which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure you have a good understanding of food science, nutrition and the working characteristics of food material.  This is a very practical course covering many popular food items, as well as written work on health, safety and hygiene, and basic meal planning.  Classroom activities during Food sessions include; learning about ingredients, understanding the properties of foods, investigating and tasting products, being creative, engaging in practical activities using a range of skills and processes and assessing products and performance. You will develop food preparation and cooking skills as well as transferable skills of problem solving, organisation and time management, planning and communication.


The PE course acknowledges the important role that physical activity plays in your life. As students you are encouraged to make informed choices about the importance of physical health and to discover sports you can continue to take part in later life. The programme provides you with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities including; Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Dance, Football, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Table Tennis, Tennis, Trampolining and Volleyball. You will be encouraged to experience different roles during lessons e.g. umpiring, coaching, managing and playing. PE will help you gain a greater sense of self and body awareness, enabling you to make informed choices about your own physical development and enhance teamworking skills. Learners study what makes a good leader, the different capacities of this role, and the leadership skills and techniques necessary when leading activities in different roles.